New production: Seele / Herz

Our newest production will be a fantastic collaboration with dance group LeineRoebana and composer and rising star, Kate Moore. Kate will make sound sculptures, movable ceramics, especially for Herz, small clay figures that will not only move on their own…


  1. Troparion in November Music

    - Willem Twee Concertzaal - Den Bosch
  2. Razende Stilstand

    - November Music Den Bosch
  3. Razende Stilstand

    - Galerie Marzee Nijmegen

Music with passion

The Stolz Quartet consists of prominent musicians who, with all their heart and soul, cherish the ambition to present classical music and contemporary music theatre in their own unique way. A beautiful experience that brings people together. Yes, it is possible.

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All Thirteen Difficult

Our LP (nice and retro) Alle Dertien Moeilijk (All Thirteen Difficult) contains some of the greatest hits from the world of modern composed music. Including additional anecdotes and fun facts about the composers, and presented (in Dutch) by no one less than celebrated Dutch actor and comedian Michiel Romeyn.

Alle Dertien Moeilijk
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Dutch Masters

“It’s a CD that keeps you listening, captivated from beginning to end, because of the discerning alternation of moods and styles, and the musician’s incredibly good playing”. We’re genuinely proud of this CD, which has garnered a lot of praise.

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Concert programmes

The Stolz Quartet can be booked for various programmes, ranging from Dutch Masters to British Geniuses and Greatest Hits of modern composed music. Take a look at all our concert programmes here.

The Stolz Quartet - concertprogramma's
Concert programmes

“They are the grooviest!"

Vanessa Lann